About the Curator

My name is James A. Nannen and I have done many other things in my lifetime that I won’t get too involved with, but let’s simply say that my life has been full and most would call it successful. I have other businesses with which I am involved mostly on a consulting basis and don’t have to work if I don’t want to, but this “niche art from emerging nations” thing has me truly excited! You must know what it’s like, when you have something you really believe in, that you like to talk about it with others? That’s what I’m doing. I like this art so much and I know others will too if they simply take a little time to learn about it. 

Having personally visited many of the recent generations of Croatian Naïve artists where they live and work as well as being fortunate enough to have also met some of those whom I and others call The Masters, I have amassed enough paintings for my wife Donna and I to feel we have a really nice collection for both our enjoyment and investment. Now I want to concentrate on upgrading our collection by selling some paintings we have collected while at the same time purchasing new works for ourselves.   

It is not a big formal deal here. We simply have some of the nicest and most meaningful paintings you will ever set your eyes on with new paintings arriving all the time (I like to say they are continuously “trickling in”) from a niche that not many people know about today. This is good for you and this is good for me. We get in at the bottom of today’s market; a new market we are helping to create. 

Enjoy looking at the paintings we have gathered here. Look at the information we have, but remember what everyone will ultimately tell you about art: buy it because you like it since you will be looking at it every day. I would rather see you purchase an inexpensive painting that you love and maybe would find impossible to sell (I don’t think I have any of those!), than have you purchase one of The Masters that you are actually not that fond of only for the investment potential.

I hope you enjoy viewing the site. Email me with questions. I’ll try to respond promptly.

Cheers and happy collecting!

James A. Nannen