The Art

Croatian Naive Art

Croatian Naïve Art is known the world over for its intense colors, interesting subject matter and for the fact that it is painted on the back side of a normal pane of glass and viewed through the front! It is often produced by self taught farmer artists, although today there are others painting in a, perhaps, more sophisticated style. Originally this began as a form of “protest” art as the artists were painting scenes showing the repressive government under which they lived. The subject matter has evolved to include almost anything, yet often revolves around everyday life on the farm. Today these Croatian artists are recognized the world over as having taken this art form to its highest level.

We are in the process of selling many paintings from our collection as we continually look for new ones to replace them.

Our Purpose

"We want to help bring some well-deserved recognition to a few of the world's greatest artists by offering our friends and customers unique paintings they will love."

Technique & Rarity

Why "naive"?

Naive art is generally accepted as artwork produced by self-taught artists or those who are not trained in classical academic methods. The work tends to be childlike, often with bold, unrefined colors, exaggerated detail and, frequently, distortions in perspective and proportion. The term is also sometimes applied to the works of trained artists who intentionally paint in this style. In their world, emotions and soul are more important than reason and intellect.

Croatian Naive Art

The artists' sensibility is very peaceful and reminds us about the simple pleasures in life. I think these types of paintings would be perfect near our computers. It will be the best way to make us remember that technology takes too much away from our everyday life!

The argument for collecting Croatian Naive Art

The paintings are very intense and bright. Because they are painted on glass they have the most vivid colors you have ever seen. Remember, signature and foreground go first and then layers and layers of oil-- just the opposite of painting on canvas. Spectacular and powerful!

95% of these artists are over 60 years old, and not many of the younger generation are following in their footsteps. You will not find this art anywhere else in the world. These artists are universally recognized as having taken this art form to the highest level. Unless something happens to give this art form a resurgence in popularity, these artists will pass on and the best of this art will be left in the hands of collectors who seize the opportunity it represents today.